Viral Marketing How to Make your Sales Go Viral

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If you are wondering what viral marketing is, let me show you a simple and vivid example that we all live with.

It is about how the COVID-19 virus spread rapidly and frighteningly, and how the strongest and largest medical sectors around the world collapsed in front of it!

Viral content is a term that has been around for more than ten years and is still widely used today. It means any content that spreads rapidly from one person to another. Viral content can be a video, photo, or something else.

The definition of viral content is not entirely clear because it depends on the person who's viewing it. The most important thing for marketers to understand about viral content is that it spreads fast and reaches many people quickly.

What is Viral Marketing and Why is it Important

Viral marketing is a form of marketing in which you create a product that can be passed from one person to another. This is done by making the product so appealing that people want to share it with their friends.

It has been around for centuries, but it has only recently become popular due to social media. It's now easier than ever before to share something on social media, and as a result, viral content spreads like wildfire.

How to Know if You're Ready for Viral Marketing or Not Yet

There are some factors that can help you determine if you're ready to take on viral marketing.

Viral marketing is not for everyone. It's a lot more work than just posting on social media and hoping for the best. You need to be willing to work hard and put in the long hours. You also need to be able to handle rejection, because it will happen a lot. But if you're willing to put in the time and effort, there's no reason why your company can't go viral !

What is the importance of viral marketing

Despite the importance of e-marketing strategies and that it is indispensable to activate its strategies to promote brands and the products and services they offer, word-of-mouth marketing between customers occupies an effective and excellent position and influence more than other types of modern marketing.

In light of the efforts of online marketers and brand owners to find the latest and most effective ways to benefit from this development, and to take advantage of social media platforms to market and promote the products or services they provide, viral marketing has become one of the most effective means due to its many advantages such as its speed of spread and its low cost. .

Marketers are beginning to integrate viral marketing strategies with social media marketing strategies and take advantage of it being the most suitable way to implement viral marketing strategies.

As it is possible to publish attractive text or visual content for the audience to interact with and share it easily with their friends, thus ensuring the achievement of all the goals of the viral marketing strategy.

However, we can’t deny the importance of viral marketing in traditional ways before the establishment of social media platforms, as many traditional marketing campaigns were launched with this concept and achieved amazing successes among the public, such as the competition campaigns that were launched by the soft water companies Pepsi and Coca-Cola, asking customers to quickly search for a code Certain bottles are among the conditions for success in the competition.

This makes customers talk to each other about who found that code, and follow up with each other about how many bottles and codes they came up with in order to win the contest.

That is, in the end, the importance and secret of the success of the viral marketing strategy is represented in the use of customers as a marketing means to promote and advertise a product or service away from the type of advertising medium used, and thus they begin to influence each other in a record period of time, and thus brands succeed in reaching the goal of basic viral marketing It is the rapid spread, and after that the rest of the marketing objectives are achieved, from increasing sales rates and reaping more profits.

The most prominent types of effective viral marketing strategies

1- Pass-along strategy

This strategy is mainly followed by civil society organizations that seek to increase their client base in order to collect a lot of donations.

2- Emotional strategy

Emotional contact with the audience is one of the most important motives that motivate them to interact with the marketing message immediately and share it with others, so this strategy relies on arousing customers' feelings to reach a reaction from them such as laughter, joy, tears, or even sadness and anger.

3- Motivational strategy

One of the most popular types of viral marketing used by a large number of brands is to facilitate customer interaction with it, and it is the participation of customers to conduct an incentive that is found at the end of the content published on social media, or through an e-mail message or via mobile phone messages.

4- Buzz Marketing Viral Marketing Strategy

One of the most controversial marketing strategies, despite its amazing success, there are many who oppose its use for brand marketing, but this does not mean that many people follow this strategy, which depends mainly on creating controversy and buzz to attract the attention of the public.

As a natural result of this controversy, it spreads among a large number of audiences, as the audience begins to interact with it and forward the message more than once, to more than one person.

How to create an effective viral marketing campaign for your business

We explained above that the goal of viral marketing strategies is to urge customers to share and interact with a marketing message very quickly in order to reach the largest possible number of customers, and this is actually what is achieved and reached when applying any of the viral marketing strategies.

But before this, every online marketer or online store owner should focus on the basic and strong motive that motivates customers and encourages them to share information about your online store with other people.

That is, it is important to have an idea and impression of your customers' needs and what requirements they are looking for, in order to provide them with your viral marketing strategy, and ensure the success of its goal and persuade them to share the message and attract more customers to buy your product or service.

In order to be able to succeed in this and to be able to launch an effective and professional viral marketing campaign, follow up with us and learn about the following most important steps:

1- Understand your audience first

Before you talk to your audience and send them any request, try to understand them first and understand the needs they seek to meet, and to succeed in preparing a marketing message that is really close to them and close to their interest, since they will not share any request with you if it is not related to their interests.

Therefore, trying to understand your target customers is one of the first and basic steps that you must accomplish, in order to ensure that the correct marketing message is developed and that your customers must share it and help you achieve it.

For example, do not offer offers and discounts on products that the public is not interested in and that there is no demand for by the new millennium generation in the event that it is your first target audience, but rather search for the products that they flock to buy the most

2- Determine the campaign goal

As we explained during the paragraph on the benefits of viral marketing, there are many marketing goals that can be achieved when creating a marketing campaign with this concept, and although this is a positive thing and brings many advantages to the brand, it is somewhat unprofessional.

The goal of the marketing campaign must be clear and specific to be measured and tracked during or after the completion of the campaign. If your campaign aims to enhance brand awareness, gain website visits, increase sales of a product, or any other goal, many other responsible tasks will depend on it. on the success of the campaign.

3- Prepare an easy-to-share marketing message

There is wisdom that says, in its meaning, that if you want to be obeyed you must command what is possible that is make sure to prepare a marketing message that is clear, simple, and easy for customers to share in any way.

So do not exaggerate in preparing long or difficult-to-understand content that is difficult to share through any of the means of communication In order to ensure the success of customer interaction with him.

The more clear and easy the CTA procedure is, the faster customers interact with it and share it, whether it is through any of the traditional advertising methods, or modern advertising methods such as emails or social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

4- Provide an incentive for participation and interaction

Whether you follow any type of viral marketing strategy, it is necessary to provide a great and influential incentive within the viral marketing campaigns to urge customers to interact and participate with the required action and achieve the desired goal.

5- Use social media

We cannot deny the importance of social media today in the success of any marketing strategy, as it has billions of users from all over the world.

It is considered one of the most powerful marketing tools that help in the success of the goal of viral marketing, as the marketing message spreads quickly and is easily interacted with and shared by customers.

Through the personal accounts of customers through any of these platforms, it is easy for them to share any publication or send it to their friends, and thus your marketing message spreads quickly and virally.

This step will also help you measure and track the success of the campaign through the number of shares or views you got for your post.

What Makes Content Go Viral: 5 Factors You Should Consider

What makes content go viral? It's a question that has been asked by marketers for years and it's a question that still has no definitive answer. There are many factors that can affect the success of content, but there is no one thing that will guarantee virality.

One of the most important factors to consider when trying to make content go viral is what kind of content you're trying to create. Not all types of content are equally shareable, so it's important to choose wisely when deciding what type of content you want to create.

Another important factor is timing ,if you post your article or video at the wrong time, it may not be seen by as many people as possible, which means it won't spread as quickly as desired.

The third factor is how much effort goes into promoting your post; if people don't know about your post or they don't know how to find it, then they won't be able to share it with their friends and followers.

What are the Best Tools for Creating Viral Content & How to Use Them

The key to creating viral content is to make it shareable. The more people who share your content, the more likely it will go viral.

Some of the best tools for creating viral content are: Buzzsumo, Quuu, Social Media Today and Search Engine Journal.

These tools help you find what's trending on social media so that you can create content that's relevant and timely.

They also help you find the best time of day to publish your post or article in order to maximize engagement from your target audience.


We explained during today's Blog that viral marketing is urging customers to share and spread the targeted marketing message about a product or service with other customers, whether they are relatives or friends.

We have dealt with more than one way to implement viral marketing strategies, such as preparing attractive and influential content to succeed in spreading quickly and to be an incentive for customers to share it with others and interact with it, thus reaching the largest possible number of customers.

For example, publishing an offer with a discount when sharing a specific promocode with another person, and thus you guarantee the interaction of the first customer who reached the advertisement, and the interaction of the other person who will also interact with his friend in order for both of them to benefit from the discount that you provide.



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