How to Create an Inbound Marketing Strategy

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With the development of technology over the past decade, many marketing methods have emerged that have achieved impressive results and completely changed the course of the marketing process.

The most prominent of these was inbound marketing, which split traditional marketing into two halves: outbound marketing and inbound marketing.

In a period of one decade, the inbound type was able to simplify its dominance over the marketing trends of companies and achieve the best results.

To understand this exciting shift in modern marketing trends, it is necessary to understand the difference between the two terms, so in our blog, we will address this topic thoroughly.

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on attracting customers By providing valuable content that drives customers to share and engage with it so that they can be convinced to buy your product... Its main objective is to stimulate the purchasing side of customers while they interact with the displayed content.

Inbound marketing emerged as a result of consumers ignoring the old methods of marketing such as TV ads, email campaigns, and sponsored ads. Instead, consumers turned to sensational blogging content, social media content, and other attractively presented data.

There are many different types of inbound marketing strategies. They all have the same goal of attracting customers, but they do it in different ways.

For example, some companies build communities around their products while others focus on blogging or creating eBooks.

Inbound marketing is a popular way of advertising because it's inexpensive and effective. It also helps businesses build trust with their audiences because they are providing them with valuable content instead of just trying to sell them something.

What is outbound marketing?

Outbound marketing refers to the old concept of the marketing process as a whole. By dropping inbound marketing from the equation and going back in time for at least a decade, we can see outbound marketing, or as it was called at the time, “marketing.” Outbound marketing includes all activities that attract the audience directly, including television advertisements, street billboards, telephone calls, and holding marketing events and exhibitions.

Over time and marketing turned into twofold, outbound marketing adapted to technology and included marketing campaigns funded through social media and emails. So in short, outbound marketing is any direct marketing method that attempts to attract an audience to a brand, whether through old school, technology, or a combination of both.

Outbound Marketing is typically more expensive than Inbound Marketing because it requires the company to spend money on advertising campaigns and brand outreach that does not lead directly to revenue for the company. In contrast, inbound marketing leads directly to transaction revenue for the company through customer acquisition or loyalty.

The difference between inbound marketing and outbound marketing

Through our explanation of the two, I think that finding the difference between them became easy.

Outbound marketing is the opposite of inbound marketing. It is about interrupting people with ads, TV commercials, and other promotional methods.

Inbound marketers use social media as their main tool to engage with their audience and build relationships with them.They create content that educates and entertains their audience, so they can get more followers to their channels.

Outbound marketers focus on advertising to make sure that people know about the product or service they are selling so they use all kinds of channels like TV commercials or billboards to get people’s attention without caring what kind of relationship they have with them.

The most important inbound marketing strategies

A marketing strategy refers to the detailed steps a company takes to achieve the objectives of the marketing plan. It is to attract the largest possible number of customers and achieve the largest amount of sales.

Inbound marketing strategies include important elements such as: creating content that is attractive to the reader and helping them reach it by improving the reach and recognition of search engines.

Here are the most important of these strategies:

Create a blog

Creating blogs is not limited to directing the reader to services or products only, but also maintains constant interaction with the brand, which helps to increase the number of loyal customers and stick with them as long as possible. The blog indirectly reflects the value of the services it provides in relation to the quality of the content provided by the company.

Continuous posting of blog articles enhances its constant visibility in search engines, that is, it becomes a permanent portal for customers interested in the topics you provide, which maintains a constant flow of customers.

Now, through an independent site, you can hire professional freelancers to create your company's blog, and find the most skilled writers to publish valuable topics on them that contribute to attracting the audience to your business like Fiverr,upwork and freelancers.


Configuring sites for search engines (SEO) is the next step after writing content on the blog. Each search engine has a special algorithm that determines the topics that appear in it first, and to achieve this goal, the conditions of the (SEO) required must be adhered to.

Optimizing sites for search engines helps to increase the number of visitors to the blog and increase its traffic. It will increase interaction with content, And then increase the chances of visitors going to the brand.

This method may take some time, but in the end, it will pay off.

Social media marketing

Social media has a large share of the electronic audience and is one of the most effective strategies for publishing content and drawing attention to it, especially as it provides all mechanisms of interaction and participation, and this contributes to increasing the number of visits that can be obtained.

Communication channels such as Facebook and Twitter have become one of the pillars of the inbound marketing process.

Sharing blog topics on it leads to a constant flow of blog visits. In addition to benefiting from the increase in the fan base over time, especially as it constitutes a reliable marketing capital in the future.

If you are interested in this topic, in our previous blog we discussed “The best ways to increase sales through social media”.

Marketing through influencers

Influencer marketing is one of the fastest-growing forms of online marketing. It can be a very effective way to reach your target audience and generate leads. The idea behind this form of promotion is that people trust other people more than they trust brands and  these influencers are public opinion drivers because they have a high level of reliability and followers. So it makes sense to partner with influencers who have an established following in your industry.

It is important in this case to choose the right people for the company's fields, and to convince them to interact with its products or services, whether by offering them products or giving them paid wages for their services.

Email newsletters

Email marketing is one of the outbound marketing strategies. However, newsletters, not messages of offers and products, tend to direct people to read the latest business blog posts. It is another free way to attract audiences to your blog and increase engagement with it.

Distinctive in all of the previous strategies is their remarkable ability to complement each other, which contributes to increasing the return and achieving the desired marketing plan goals.

It may take some time to build its fan base, but in the end it becomes a strategy with low costs and big results.

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what are the Benefits of inbound marketing

While the fruits of inbound marketing may be less than other advertising techniques, they are more valuable to your business in the long run. Here are some of the main benefits of inbound marketing:

Cost reduction

Aside from being very ineffective in this digital age, crowd marketing is both costly and risky.

It can be risky to put all your eggs in one basket, or shoot an arrow (expensive) into the dark in the hope it will hit its target.

With less AD spend and more focused inbound marketing, your business can save money and achieve a higher ROI over time.

Higher trust and credibility

When you empower customers to do their own research and find you naturally, you sound more trustworthy than a billboard screaming “Buy this now!”

In addition, about 85% of consumers conduct online research before making a purchase decision.

Inbound marketing techniques such as creating useful content and leveraging social proof help reduce the number of risks consumers associate with your brand.

The quality of the visitor traffic you receive

Inbound marketing is not just about creating brand awareness. It's all about drawing the right kind of leads and traffic. With a more targeted and informed approach, you can attract potential customers who are most likely to be interested in your solutions.

Opportunity to learn and develop

Interacting with customers on social media and listening to their conversations, questions, and comments helps you better understand how to improve your products and services.

The opportunity to learn and develop is one of the most important benefits of social media. Interacting with customers on social media and listening to their conversations, questions, and comments helps you better understand what they need, what they like, and dislike. You can also learn about their interests, needs, wants, or goals.

There are many ways that interacting with customers on social media can help you learn and develop your skills. You can use it to improve your communication skills by learning how to speak in a way that appeals to your audience whether they're children or adults.

You can also use it as a way to find out more about the products you're selling so you know how best to talk about them.

5 reasons to turn to inbound marketing in 2024

How often do you delete annoying emails? Do you use an ad blocker on your browser? If you watch TV, how do you feel about the cascading ads that block the enjoyment of continuous viewing? In case you do or feel upset, you are not alone. According to statistics from all email users, they have opted out of receiving business mail.

Focus on potential

Even though companies spend huge amounts of money on traditional marketing to target the right audience, they may not get there in all cases. There are many tests that must take place before choosing the right customer, regardless of the advertising campaigns that fail when choosing the wrong customer.

In contrast, inbound marketing focuses on potential customers, since it relies on posting content to audiences who are already interested in what's on the topic and are more willing to use the services offered indirectly.

Make more sales

It is important to get the most number of the right customers in order to generate the most sales. Here inbound marketing plays an important role by attracting those customers in particular. Many customers resort to browsing companies' websites and their means of communication; In order to inspire ideas or benefit from the published content and learn about products before buying.

Instead of companies turning to customers through sponsored campaigns, the customers turn to companies to benefit from them. That is, his motives are proactive from the beginning, which makes him more responsive to the products and services offered by those companies. In this way, the percentage of sales increases according to the visits, which leads to more profit.

Brand building

It's hard to convince customers to do business with a company they've never heard of, yet news tools remain a powerful selling tool. With a strong blog, you will be able to showcase the services provided by the company indirectly using content marketing. By doing so, mass awareness of your brand is achieved in a smart way, and the effectiveness of this method is that it contributes to building trust around the brand, and helps the business to be more clear about what it offers.

Strengthening relationships with customers

Most of the strategies that are used in the inbound marketing process revolve around publishing content on means that allow interaction between the company and the audience by building strong interactive relationships between the audience and companies. While outbound marketing deals with the audience as a single group to which marketing messages are delivered only.

Now by posting high-quality content, it is possible to get a great deal of engagement and shares, which gives the audience the confidence to start interacting with the brand.

Reducing costs

One of the most important things that inbound marketing achieves is spending less budget and higher return. Social media does not cost anything to post on it, while trying to follow other avenues of outbound marketing such as: renting billboards or publishing on TV will cost exorbitant amounts. Therefore, reducing the marketing budget by relying on inbound marketing is one of the ways that contribute to saving many of the old traditional costs.

Inbound marketing is clearly the most effective marketing method these days. Ultimately, each company chooses the appropriate means for itself based on the data generated by its marketing operations. The best way is to use strategies that mix inbound marketing and outbound marketing, and with experience and learning things will become clear.


One of the best things about inbound marketing is the ready availability of data. Just as analytics can show you the best leads to follow so you can prioritize your time, incoming metrics can show you exactly what's working and what's not.

Adjusting your inbound marketing strategy or modifying an advertising campaign to get better results has never been so easy.

With the insights your metrics have, you can make better business decisions in real-time.

After reading the above we can say that inbound marketing is a smart strategy for any business, including yours.

If you haven't made the switch already or have at least adopted some inbound tactics, it's time to consider incorporating them into your marketing strategy to boost your results and further grow your business.



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